Bahia Palace
January 20, 2019
Saved Tombs
January 20, 2019

Koutoubia is undoubtedly one of the magnificent structures in Marrakech, and also it is considered as one of the fascinating mosques of the Western Muslim World. Historically, it is a dual-purpose sanctuary combined with a minaret. In 1157, the original Koutoubia was opened, while the second Koutoubia with a minaret was erected a year later under the commandment of Abdelmoumen. The unique structural design of the two sanctuaries will make an individual understand the significance of the Qibla wall (Direction of prayer).

The Minaret is about 77m in height, and a ramp will be needed to reach the climax. This structure makes the Koutoubia stands out. The white and green ceramics inserted into the uppermost part of the facades and the pinnacles give the structure an appealing appearance.

Access: movement into the mosques is meant for the Muslims.

Location: Avenue Mohammed V.

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