The doors of Marrakech

Majorelle garden
January 20, 2019
The gardens of Menara
January 20, 2019

Previously serves as the entrance to Medina, the ten entry standing between the walls are titled with Arabic name “Bab” in a very appealing way. Most of these doors have motivational values to other towns within the kingdom. And some of them are as follows;

  • Bab Agnou – this means the “door of the horn-less rams.” It was named after the two towers that support it. Initially, it was erected with Gueliz stone which has a gray-blue hue, but currently, it is red in appearance due to the influence of the wind splashing sand from the desert. Bab Agnou is the main door into the Kasbah.
  • Bab Er-Robb – it is known as the Grape juice and has an ocher red appearance. It serves as the path for the management of alcoholic beverages.
  • Bab El-khemis – it has a design similar to those found in Andalusia and serves as an entrance to the bazaar that takes place on Thursday which the name implies.
  • Bab Aylen – the unique angle of this door makes it outstanding and holds the title of the people of Berber. Almoravids are believed to have constructed this entrance.
  • Bab El-Jdid – this is the most traffic-laden gate in Medina as it is erected between the famous palace of Mamounia and the street of Hivernage.
  • Bab Doukkala – this door, in particular, is fascinating as it rests against two square-shaped towers beside the bus park. It is the main entrance into the northern side of Medina.
  • Bab Debbagh – it leads to the tannery district. The door is made with five circled elbows and dates since the period of the Almoravid.
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