The ramparts of Marrakech

Qoubba of the Al Moravides
January 20, 2019
Majorelle garden
January 20, 2019

In 1126, the construction of Ramparts began under the ruling of Ali Ben Youssef. The Ramparts is considered as the emblem of the Ocher city, and currently, cover the ancient city of Medina. The construction of ramparts is expected to last for many decades until the wall made of clay and lime go as far as 10km. A 202 square towers will be used to hold the wall and also, holds ten great doors which lead to the city, in addition to the well-decorated walkway. The 8-10 meters high wall is constructed to protect against enemy invasion.

You should enjoy a carriage ride of about 4 hours on the ramparts, and also a few miles of a walk will be fun. The route commences from the Liberty square on the western side of Medina.

The Minaret is about 77m in height, and a ramp will be needed to reach the climax. This structure makes the Koutoubia stands out. The white and green ceramics inserted into the uppermost part of the facades and the pinnacles give the structure an appealing appearance.

Access: movement into the mosques is meant for the Muslims.

Location: Avenue Mohammed V.

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