Qoubba of the Al Moravides

Medersa Ben Youssef
January 20, 2019
The ramparts of Marrakech
January 20, 2019

This structure is the sole evidence of Almoravid religious monument in Marrakech. The rectangular-shaped building is supported with four pillars, and a dome tops it on the outside which has an arch decoration surmounted by chevrons to form a heptagonal star. The design is similar to those of Al-Qarawiyine mosque of Fez (859-1135) and the Qahwat Al-Qubba of Sousse (11th-12th).

Some pierced openings can be seen at the climax designed with arches of different shapes. Also, a similar application of arches and decorations can be seen in the Bab Al-Mardum mosque in Toledo. The internal design of the Qoubat is identical to the art of the Caliphate period among the Andalusians. The cupola frame is made of a big polylobe horseshoe arches which are located on top of the moldings of the square plan. It is also designed with appealing florals around a protruded shell. This pattern serves as a reminiscent of the rich past, and trade link between the West and the East – some of these designs are still in use presently.

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