Private Tour: Marrakech Medina By Night

Private Tour 3 hour Historical and Cultural Tour
January 8, 2019
Private Tour: Medina Shopping Tour in Marrakech
January 8, 2019


The next time you come on a private tour of Djemma el Fna, ensure the judicious use of your night by feeling the windy streets of the medina, alongside the historic mosque.  The irresistible atmosphere of Djemma el Fna is further highlighted by the maze of stalls, which after the dark, presents a pleasant environment for exploration.  With the presence of a personal guide that keeps you safe and on track, you can rest assured of a rewarding night venture, including rich tastes of indigenous and international foods, good music, and great dances that you do not get before sunset.

What to Expect

Overwhelming is the magic of Marrakech when the sky is dark, with everything suddenly coming alive with the setting of the sun.  It is not only the loudness but also the unique blend of color and high energy that keeps you seeking more.  Let us not forget the delicious aromas that rent the air, especially of local food made on open fires.  These three hours may prove invaluable; with the right local guide.

You have, for your viewing pleasure, the traditional Marrakech musicians and their excellent dancers.  In the background are wonderful stories, and snacks that keep you going while you await the feast on a Marrakech specialty – Tanjia. The feast is a bit about the food and more of the bubbling life that repeats itself every night for years to come.

The stunning Jemma el-Fna Square offers a wide range of side attractions, including a spacious open-air kitchen housing several stalls known for dishing the best local cuisines from the natural open fires.  No two stalls offer the same aroma; thus you definitely cannot exhaust these delicious options.  The other side of the square graces street performers that deliver the best of juggling, storytelling, singing, and dancing.

If you are the type that favors personal and quiet moment, you will find the magnificent 12th-century mosque befitting for your alone-sessions.  There is also the “seven turns” waiting to move you from the marketplace to the narrow cobblestone streets that only locals can tell you about. If you wish to, you may ask your hosts questions, or seeking clarifications about history, architecture, and customs, especially why most of the doorways have two doors, one small and the other large. You may also wish to seek clarification on why these doors show “the hands of Fatima.”

Just before you call it a day, make a stop at the rooftop bar that offers you a great view of the fabulous show happening at the Jemma el-Fna square. While feeding your eyes, do not forget to feed your stomach with refreshing drinks, and your ears and mind with great music, and delectable sounds.

You can make great storytellers out of your local hosts, and they are always ready to share essential insights and their experience as an individual.  All you need to do us ask them the questions.  You can also have them recommend the best places to get tasty delicacies and drinks.

Important Information

Departure Point : Jamaa El Fena Square in front of Cafe de France

Departure Time : Jamaa El Fena Square in front of Cafe de France at 7pm or 8pm

Duration : 2h


  • Professional guide
  • Afternoon tea
  • Olives and dry fruit tasting


  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)

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