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#1 Amazing shopping day trips from Marrakech
November 21, 2023
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November 22, 2023
food tours marrakech

Discover the flavors of Marrakech on a guided walking tour of its bustling nighttime markets and souks. Savor a variety of delicious foods, aromatic spices and refreshing drinks as you explore the Medina with an expert guide.

Food tours Marrakech

Meet your guide in the heart of the city, on Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Head to the Mellah and stroll through the town’s main market, where stalls groan under the weight of fresh fruit, meat, poultry and vegetables. Watch artisans make a local pastry and learn how locals bargain.

In this food tours Marrakech, you will discover the flavors of Moroccan cuisine by tasting local dishes such as sweet pastries or the traditional tagine cooked over charcoal. Ask your local guide about the different types of tagines and learn the secrets of cooking this traditional Moroccan dish.

You will receive a local recipe as a unique souvenir to take home. Before heading to your next stop, refresh your taste buds with a delicious almond drink that the locals love. Walk along the souks and take the side streets to discover gastronomic stops often overlooked by travelers.

Marvel at the vendor stalls and be surprised by the vibrant colors and flavors. Taste juicy olives and sweet dates. Wander during this food tours Marrakech in the labyrinthine streets of the medina and watch as a barbecue maker prepares a whole lamb or sheep roasted in a traditional oven.

Visit a hidden restaurant to try even more delicious dishes, such as tangia and kefta, served with freshly baked bread. Admire the smells of saffron, cumin and typical fresh herbs that abound in a variety of Moroccan dishes. Taste three different types of salads made from the freshest local ingredients.

End the food tours Marrakech in true Moroccan style by sipping a glass of mint tea on the rooftop of a cozy café. Relax for a while and admire the beautiful courtyard and interior decorations such as rugs, mosaic lamps and fountains.

Explore the tastes of Morocco on this approximately three hour guided tour that will let you sample all sorts of the tastes of Marrakech. You will wander through the medina with your guide and small group, tasting olives, dates, and much more.

This food tours Marrakech will allow you to visit several food stalls and also be treated to kefta in the Jemaa el Fna market at the end. You will be full by the end of this tour. Indeed our very first start meeting point gather will be at Hôtel Restaurant Café de France in Jemaa El Fna for 5 minutes.

Please , wait for your official tour guide who will be holding a guide badge at the entrance of Café France. Please take note that around the square you may meet a fake guide suggesting a tour. Kindly ignore him if that is the case.

After gathering, first stop of our food tours Marrakech will be at the Medina, Derb Fhal Zefriti for one hour, visiting different hidden sights and learning about the lifestyle of the local families. We will also be visiting the best colorful olives souk.

Enjoy different attractive food shops. Every section of the Medina has its own speciality, with alleys devoted to everything from spices to ingredients necessary for making your own Moroccan food when you go back home.

We will stop at Rahba Kedima Square for 10 minutes, to get lost between mountains of dates and choosing your favourite mix! For 20 minutes, our food tours Marrakech will stop at food markets to get yourself driven by the smell of olive oil to the olives paradise!

You can choose your own flavours and try out everything! Then for 30 minutes we will stop again Jemaa el-Fnaa, 38 Jemaa El Fna square to get ready for delicious meat, and for trying out the Moroccan meatball called kefta, with homemade tomatoes.

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