El Badi palace of the Saadian dynasty

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January 8, 2019
Bahia Palace
January 20, 2019

Within 1578 and 1603, the distinguished palace of the Dar El-Badi was built by Yacoub El-Mansour, King Almohad. Most of the affluent building materials used for the construction of the El-Badi palace were brought from Italy while some were gotten at India. Such materials include Marbles, Onyx, and Gold. The impact of the Andalusian in the design of the palace is non-negligible, and the construction shows that the architect is most likely from Granada; however, the name of the designer remains unknown. A symmetry close to perfection was utilized for the construction of this structure which was built entirely on solid brick vaults. Internally, there lies a garden of desire with which promenade ponds and orange trees can be seen currently. This area is covered with the remnants of the structure and tall walls which holds a plethora of storks.

Beneficial details:

Opening hours: 0900 to 16h45 on a daily basis

Location: Along KsibatNhass, Tinsmiths. Pass through the Bab Berrima and look right between the walls.

Cost: 10dhs. An extra 10dhs to visit the KoutoubiaMinbar.

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