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December 24, 2018
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Our private food tour takes you on a culinary journey of the beautiful city of Marrakech and its local hot spots to taste the local delicacies. The tour takes you through ten tastings ranging from Morocco’s unique sweets to traditional tagine, plus the ingredients, cooking techniques, and the culinary cultures that inspire the work of the adept local chefs and their delicacies.

What to Expect

This private tour will bring out your foodie side with several Moroccan scents, sights, flavors and culinary delights that will make your trip worthwhile.

The trip begins in Mellah where you get a history lesson on the souks. Prance around the market with stalls of fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry, and meat. Watch locals haggling and catch artisans whipping out a local pastry out of dough.

The charcoal-baked tagine and sweet pastries deliver an exquisite taste and rich traditional Marrakech flavor. Your local guide will tell you about the different types of tagine and the cooking techniques, and you might just discover a local recipe to wow your family back home. Have a sip of the refreshing almond drink that locals here enjoy before leaving the market.

The side streets of the souks are reveling in culinary gems most travelers never see. The vendor’s stalls here are chock full of colors and flavors, with succulent dates and juicy olives to please your taste buds. There will be a lot to learn about the different types of olives and dates, if you care to ask.

In the maze-like streets of the Medina, you will discover the meticulous effort the mechoui maker puts into preparing spit-roasted whole lamb or sheep in a pit oven. Your trip takes you to a secluded restaurant that offers savory delicacies such as kofte served with freshly baked bread and tangia, as well as the exotic flavor and smells of saffron, cumin, and fresh herbs.

Next, you head off to a local outlet to try out three types of local salads. The mesmerizing view atop the roof of this comfy cafe is spectacular.

The tour ends at a distinctive establishment where you enjoy a local favorite with mint tea. The exquisite Moroccan mosaic lamps, rugs, fountains, and the elegant courtyard give this place a comfortable ambience. You will learn the tradition of drinking tea, while being serenaded with local tales specially prepared for you.

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